Do You Know These CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Study Tips?

It's no secret that one of the most challenging parts of truck driver training school is mastering the pre-trip inspection.  Some students feel a little overwhelmed at first, but once they begin studying with the help of a CDL instructor - things begin to fall into place.

Driver Solutions had the chance to talk with some students at trucking school to ask them for their CDL pre-trip inspection study tips.  

Get tips for passing the pre-trip inspection at trucking school in the video below:

At first, the pre-trip inspection portion of the CDL skills test can seem daunting. With over 100 items that must be remembered to pass, the list can sometimes seem neverending.

The important thing to remember is that you aren't alone in being a little worried about the pre-trip inspection part of your CDL training. Most of the truck driving students in feel the same way in the beginning.

Check out the video above as we talk to some current Driver Solutions CDL training students about how they feel about the pre-trip, and what they're doing to prepare.


  • For some, a study group is the best way to approach it. Studying in groups is a great way to quiz each other and bring your knowledge together to benefit everyone.
  • For others, memorzing the list is the way to go. Reading the list over and over and developing a catchy saying to remember will go a long way.
  • For everyone, it's important to study next to a truck to get a feel for how the inspection plays out, and many students will spend afterhours at school with instructors getting the pre-trip inspection down before their test.
  • Others also take advantage of pre-trip inspection videos from eGears to help study when not at school. 

Regardless of your strategy, you can pass your pre-trip inspection, and you'll have others supporting you through the process to make sure you get it done.