Post Military CDL Truck Driving Jobs - Why Are They A Good Fit?

truck-driving-careerLast Friday, we visited another one of our truck driving schools to talk with some CDL training students and instructors.  In the process of asking questions about why they chose to get into a truck driving career and how they were doing at CDL training so far, we also got to know a little bit about each person we were interviewing.

As I've seen with many drivers and students we've talked to, several of them had military backgrounds prior to getting into a trucking job.  I asked one of the CDL training instructors why he felt that a trucking career is such a great fit for many people out there with military experience and he said it all comes down to one thing - discipline.

If you have discipline throughout truck driving training, you are going to be successful out on the road.  I've interviewed several experienced drivers and most will tell you that if you make your pick-ups and deliveries on time and do your work each day, truck driving is a career in which you can advance quickly.  With each advancement comes better pay that will allow you to continue to provide for your family.

The other big factor that makes adjusting to the trucking lifestyle easier for those with a military background is that they typically are used to being away from home for more extended periods of time.  In the first year of driving, the time away from home is going to be a big adjustment for many, so if you are used to this type of change, it can give you a great advantage to getting your trucking career started off on the right path. 

The good news is that if you are looking for a trucking job (military or not) and need to get great CDL training - you can earn your CDL license in right around 3 weeks at our trucking school.  If you'd like to get started, just complete our online driver application and we will schedule a time to speak with you about your career options.

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