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As of late, USA Truck has really been focused on making improvements to its operations in order to improve financial results.  Toward the end of 2012, the company started to see some movement in a positive direction in terms of financials.  Much of this movement was attributed to focusing on the unmaned tractor rate.  On Monday, USA Truck continued to make steps in a new direction by announcing that John Simone, 51, will be the company‚Äôs new president and CEO, with former CEO Cliff Beckham, 41, to become the executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Mr. Simone commented:  "USA Truck has a strong foundation to build upon, including a relatively new fleet, dedicated employees, modern technology, and significant balance sheet strength and liquidity.  I was attracted to the situation because of these resources and because of the strong commitment to teamwork I sensed from the Board of Directors and the executive team.  Our team will be dedicated to achieving operational excellence in our execution with the goals of superior customer service, efficiency in all functions, and full support for our drivers.  We expect improved operational execution and enhanced financial management to generate value for stockholders, employees, and other stakeholders."

While no company is perfect, it's certainly clear that USA Truck is a company that's working to make things better for its employees and associates.  One thing is for sure, there's always going to be people complaining about trucking companies online.  It's just far easier to complain than to pay compliments  But recently Driver Solutions ran across a conversation in a trucking forum which suggests USA Truck drivers are starting to notice a difference.  Here's some of the conversation below:

"I'm rapidly approaching my 2 year mark with USA Truck. I honestly didn't think I would stay this long when I started. To tell the truth, it was so miserable with ratty equipment at the beginning that I didn't even think I would complete a year and had actually started to feel like it would be worth paying the school debt and finding other work. Gradually things turned around until they've reached a new high point this week."   He goes on to say, "While USA Truck has its flaws (as does any other commercial carrier I'm sure), they have improved enough to warrant my staying on at least another year for now. Additionally, my FM was able to route me home for court on short notice this week by way of a 1000 mile HAZMAT load from Indiana to Houston. I was off for 2 days and then returned to work yesterday to pick up a 1300 mile HAZMAT load from Houston to Detroit which will delliver Monday morning and fall within the same pay week. Once again a good reminder of why I choose to continue climbing into a big white truck with an Air Force logo on the door each day! Happy trails guys!" - Chemsoldier1 in

Another member on the forum goes on to make a great point.  This is something that every first year driver should really take to heart...

"Sometimes things get better when you stick it out. You learn how the company does things making it easier on you to make money. You learn what you can get away with and what you can't. You learn where they run, and how the company works, and they learn how you operate. The dispatchers and planners know who you are and trust you to get the job done. But we all know that there are some companies where no matter what you do it just ain't gonna work out." - Rachi in

And the conversation continues...

Truckers Report USA Truck

These two truck drivers make some great points.  While no trucking company is perfect, many of the people who are so quick to complain don't even give things a fair shot.  Just like anything in life, you HAVE to start somewhere and it's likely not going to be at the top.  There's something to be said for sticking on the rough times and being able to enjoy the good times when all the hard work pays off.  The saying, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side" definitely applies to truck driving jobs.

Recently, USA Truck driver, Wayne Cragg, was asked if he'd recommend USA Truck and he had this to say, "USA Truck has been great as well! As a new driver, I've had some ups and downs, but I have gotten through them. They have worked really hard on getting drivers more miles and this is really nice for me."  While he acknowledges that things haven't always been ideal, he has been able to get through them and enjoys some of the positive results.  

We expect to see USA Truck to continue to make changes that will positively impact the company and its drivers.  Drivers on every level are noticing the changes...both newbies and those who have been there for years.  It's clear that those drivers who are willing to accept that things won't always be perfect are the same ones who will stick it out through the rough times and enjoy the positive experiences. 

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