Peterbilt Unveils New 579 Model Semi Truck

A couple months ago, Peterbilt unveiled the new 579 model at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. The 579 features brand new innovations that meet the needs of both truck drivers and fleet managers alike.

Here are the prominent new features Peterbilt outlines on its website:

Increased Aerodynamics

We all know gas mileage is important this day and age, not only for the trucking companies, but also for the drivers! The 579 is designed for the best aerodynamic performance possible. It's available in a day cab or with a detachable sleeper, which adds longevity to the life of your vehicle and allows for the highest possible resale value. (But why would you want to get rid of it?)

New Technology

The 579 features a new SmartNav system, or "infotainment" system as Peterbilt likes to call it. The seven-inch touch screen provides drivers with vehicle monitoring, GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, voice recognition, and a full audio system with satellite radio and MP3, USB, and iPod capabilities. 

High Comfort/Productivity

A new spacious cab puts convenience and productivity front and center. The ergonomic steering wheel features audio and cruise control access and a generously sized sleeper that holds an 82-inch mattress and provides drivers with endless comfort on the road. You'll also find a 22" flat screen TV mount on a swivel (sadly, flat screen TV not included). Overhead storage and strategically placed LED lights make the cab of this Peterbilt especially roomy and homey. Peterbilt knows that a driver's rest environment is just as important to productivity as the operating environment, so they included numerous ammenities to make the cab of the 579 feel a bit more like home.  Working a truck driving job has never been this comfortable! 


In any type of trucking job, safety is the #1 concern.  The 579 features headlamps and foglamps with great down-road visibility. A large, one-piece windshield aids visibility, and standard air-disc brakes reduce stopping distances significantly.


Peterbilt launched a nationwide tour in June to showcase the 579 to both dealers and customers. A tour trailer will include cutaway displays to allow customers and dealers easy access and hands-on experience with the cab and sleeper. The tour will stop at over 100 nationwide Peterbilt dealerships in the United States and Canada, and will conclude in November of 2012. Production of the Peterbilt 579 began July 10, 2012.

What do you think of the new Peterbilt 579? If you were an owner-operator and had the funds, would you be interested in purchasing this?

Photo source: Peterbilt