Pay Attention! Cut The Distractions While Driving With Semis

Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers.  Shaving, brushing teeth, reading the newspaper, name it and I bet a truck driver has seen someone doing it while driving.  In order for you to be a safe driver, you must pay attention. 

I mentioned some pretty crazy (yet realistic) distractions above, but the most common distractions while driving are:

  • Cell phones - including texting while driving
  • Daydreaming - how many times have you driven somewhere you go to regularly and not even remembered the drive?
  • Raching for an item - this could be a phone charger, sunglasses or anything that causes you to lose focus and/or take your eyes off the road

Distracted Driving Graphic

When it comes to distracted driving, there are some pretty alarming statistics in the way of crashes:

  • In 2010 2 out of 10 crashes resulting in injury were a result of distracted driving
  • In that same year, 2010, 9 out of 10 FATAL crashes were contributed to distracted driving

While it's always easier to blame the big old semi truck and driver, but did you know that semi trucks are generally safer than cars AND they get in fewer accidents?  That being said, a collision between a car and a large truck is more likely to be deadly due to the force caused from the weight of the larger truck which is the reason many people have a misconception about truck drivers.

We went to Facebook to ask some drivers about the crazy things they've seen while driving...

My major distraction would have to be my radio lookin for my fav song to listen to while i drive the miles away - Mud AsphaltCowboy Bug
My fav one was back in 2010 a driver had his foot propped up on the dash board and it was his right foot and had the cruise control on rolling down the highway with snow and ice on the ground and that was on I 80 in Wyoming - Mud AsphaltCowboy Bug
My fav..... saw it again this morning..... driver talking on her phone ( not hands free), driving with her elbows while writing In a notebook... GRRRR - Chantel Wheless Stephens
Let's see. Girls doing their makeup. Reading newspapers. Texting while driving. So many more crazy distractions. - David Sargent
What are some of the crazy things you've seen while driving?  What can people do to cut back on these distractions and make the roads safer for all of us?  Share below...