Passenger Vehicles Often at Fault in Truck-Car Auto Accidents

Show of hands -- how many of you have been peeved off by something stupid a passenger vehicle did when driving near a semi? I imagine all of your hands are up.

The American Trucking Association released a report last week that stated that at least three of every four crashes between a truck and a car are caused by preventable passenger vehicle factors like speeding, failure to yield, or failure to stay in their lane.

The ATA's report on truck accidents cited studies from the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute which showed that in accidents between trucks and cars, cars were the offending vehicle in 89% of head-on crashes, 88% of opposite-direction sideswipes, 80% of rear-end crashes, and 72% of same-direction sideswipes.

FMCSA is working on a research plan to assess the roles carriers play in crashes. This study is expected to be completed by summer 2013. It will include research on whether police accident reports provide reliable information on crashes as there are conflicting opinions on whether they are accurate in regards to which party was at fault at the time of the accident.

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