Part 4 - Interview With John Henries - USA Truck Driver

Today, we bring you part 4 of our interview with USA Truck Driver, John Henries.  To get caught up on this complete interview series, check out part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.  The below questions and answers will help you learn more about the trucking lifestyle.  USA-Truck-Driver

Q: How do you stay entertained in your truck?

A: I have my computer, TV, and DVD player. I have a microwave and refrigerator for cooking. When I come to a truck stop, I will go in and eat, catch up on Facebook. Facebook is the main thing that I use and I really don’t use it that much – not as much as my wife on Farmville.

Q: How are you trying to stay healthy as a truck driver?

A: I stop at Wal-Mart when I can for groceries. I noticed some weight gain when I got started, so I’ve been parking further away to get in some walking. I also take vitamins everyday and am trying to get better.

Q: What advice do you have for someone considering truck driving?

A: If anyone is thinking about this, do it. Now, you aren’t going to get rich quick and it’s going to take some time. Once you start making the good money, then you can say I am glad I did this. If it weren’t for you guys (Driver Solutions) I would probably be in Virginia working in a coal mine. I don’t know what I’d do if you guys (Driver Solutions) weren’t there. I would be stuck with these nightmare driving schools. I promote for you guys 100%. You have one heck of a program.