Part 2 - Interview With John Henries - USA Truck Driver

Today, we bring you part 2 of our interview series with John Henries.  Click here to get caught up with part 1 of our series.

john-henries-USA-TruckQ: What was your CDL training experience like at Driver Solutions & USA Truck?

A: Training at trucking school was good.  I would recommend it to anyone.  I remember the instructors saying to stay focused and not think too much – just act.  Especially with backing…don’t try to dissect it.  Every instructor was there to help you even if not working directly with you.

At USA Truck, I was my trainer’s first student.  He taught me the essentials to go with what I learned at school.  The biggest thing to remember is to watch everything going on around you and put it all together.  The day that you stop learning something new on the road is the day you want to hang up your keys on the truck.  In other words, when you think you know everything about truck driving...that’s the day to get off the road.  I have been out here 7 months and I'm still learning.  It could be backing, laws, things on my truck, but whatever it is I am learning every day.  I look at it as a big vacation…I can’t believe they pay us to do this.

Driver Solutions & USA Truck really changed my life.  Every time I am around Indy I stop in to see them.  It was really a great experience.

Q: What is the hardest thing about trucking?

A: The hardest thing is trying to adjust to life on the road.  One big adjustment is not being home every night and not showering every day (LOL).  Sometimes you don’t have time to do what you did before when you were home.  At home, you had the use of bathroom and shower right at disposal, and being a truck driver you don’t always have those things.  Out on the road you have to plan it.  All of the little things you are used to doing you now have to schedule and make sure you have time.  It’s all time management out here and you need to reprogram yourself to do that. 

There are ups and downs in this industry.  One thing I would say…you have your time when you are going to be broken down, but it happens.  I had DOT violation that needed to be fixed.  It was a headlight out with an electrical problem… one of those things that are out of your hands. 

The thing about USA Truck though, they will get you to a terminal ASAP.  If it is a DOT, they will make it priority.  They are good on break down pay so if you are sitting for more than one day you get paid.  I’ve only broken down twice and this is my 2nd truck. 

Q: How do you keep in touch with family?

A: I talk on the phone to my wife and my dog every day.  I keep in touch with my brother and sisters by calling them as well.  I update on Facebook so others can follow where I am and keep up with me. 

Check back tomorrow for part 3 of our interview with John!