PAM Transport Reviews: The Truth Behind the Lies

First, Let Me Say I'm Proud of My Trucker...

I am very proud of what my husband does for a living. My husband is a very hard worker and he will do anything that he can to give his family everything. I am proud to say that my husband works for PAM Transport. When people ask me what my husband does, I will tell them that he is an OTR driver for PAM Transport. I love to let others know what he does and who he works for.

PAM Transport Reviews - Truth Behind Lies

PAM Transport Reviews - What's The Truth?

But what I do not like is when I go online and read negative PAM Transport reviews.  I see people that are complaining about PAM because things did not go just the right way or because they felt that they should be getting more miles, more money, more home time, or they are complaining that they are having to wait on a load. I understand that we all want our spouse to get more miles and to make more money.  I also understand that we want our spouse home more and I am no different.

To see the trucker and/or the spouse complaining about their job and all the things that they believe to be wrong with their job really blows my mind and upsets me. First of all, we all need to understand that any job that you do you should not go into just to get rich. When you take any job, especially truck driving, you need to do it because it is something that you have a passion for and it needs to be something that you actually want to do. No job is going to be perfect.  There will be ups and downs.  For some reason, it seems a lot of truck drivers forget about this part of it.

My husband and I did a lot of research before he went with Drivers Solutions and PAM Transport. We found negative PAM Transport reviews, but we quickly realized this was true for every company and trucking job out there.  It really seems like a lot of truck drivers just want to complain. Every time I would read a bad PAM Transport review I would get more upset and worried because I didn’t know what we were getting into. I was not sure if this was a risk that we should be taking.

I would like people to really think before they leave any kind of review for company -especially negative reviews.  You never know who is reading it and the negative reviews may cause others to miss out on a great opportunity because you choose to only tell one side of a story.  I am so glad we didn’t miss out on this opportunity for my husband to do what he has always wanted to do. 

The bottom line with any company and any truck driving job is that things are going to come up.  There are going to be times that things do not work out the way you feel that they should. Rather than jumping online to bash the company with a negative review, think about how that will affect everything around you.  If you have a negative attitude, more than likely your spouse is going to have a negative attitude.  Then you’ve fallen into the trap.     

Your Attitude Determines Your Success

I believe that having a positive outlook on things has really helped my family and my husband in many different ways. My husband is able to go to work with a good attitude. When my husband is able to go to work with a good attitude he works better and he does a better job. I also believe that it helps the company out because when I see employees with a good attitude it tells me that they like what they do.  These employees are typically friendly and represent the company in better light.

My trucker likes that fact that I am supportive because this shows him that I know he is doing the best that he can for the family. He has always wanted to be an OTR driver because he loves to see new places and he loves to drive, but he never would have done it if he didn’t have my support.  He has told me that it made him happy knowing that if something was to come up that we did not plan on I would not sit and complain about it. Instead we would find a way around it. Because we both know that things can and will come up with any job.

Overall, I think that if you look at the positive side of things it will make things better in the end. I believe that I have a great husband and great trucker and that he works for a great company. This I believe has a lot to do with the fact that we both take pride in what my husband does and the company that my husband works for. It has also made being a trucker’s wife a lot easier.

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