PAM Transport Reports 1st Quarter Profit Despite Harsh Weather Conditions

Driver Solutions partner trucking company PAM Transport recently reported a first quarter net income profit of $1,356,607 despite the harsh weather conditions this past winter.  Furthermore, the company has continued to replace older trucks in its fleet and now has one of the newest in the trucking industry.  These are 2 great steps in a positive direction that continue to make PAM Transport a great company to work for as a new driver. 

Profitable Even With Horrible Weather

The net profit is particular impressive considering the weather conditions during the first quarter of 2014. Blizzards and freezing temperatures caused traffic delays and massive problems throughout most of the country and made it difficult for companies to keep positive momentum. Not only did the harsh weather bring problems to the drivers and receivers, but it also caused delays and added costs to trucking companies and shippers.  This is a "storm" (pun intended) that out many companies to the test and PAM Transport passed that test.

A Brand New Fleet

Three years ago, PAM Transport began the journey to convert its truck fleet from one of the oldest in the industry (with an average age of about 3.5 years) to one of the newest fleets in the industry. The company met the goal that was set 3 years ago and currently has an average tractor age of 1.5 years, making it one of the newest fleets in the industry. This newer fleet has increased company performance and lowered operating costs.

Daniel H. Cushman, President of the Company, had this to say:

"This quarter also marks the three year anniversary date of moving forward with our goal of converting our truck fleet from one of the oldest in the industry to one of the newest. We have now met that goal as the average age of our truck fleet is 1.5 years which equals the age goal we set in 2011, when the average age was 3.5 years. We continue to experience increased performance and lower operating costs and plan to continue our three year replacement cycle going forward."

Moving Forward

These reportings are a great start to 2014, especially considering the horrible weather conditions all over the country during much of the first quarter. PAM Transport notes that the company continues to grow the Mexico, Expedited, Dedicated, and Automotive divisions, all of which are profitable and attractive to current drivers. One of PAM's biggest goals for the year is to reduce driver turnover and provide current drivers with opportunities to maximize potential earnings and allow for desired home time.

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