PAM Transport President Comments on Fleet Rebranding.

PAM Transport has been undergoing a rebranding effort to unite all of their subsidiary fleets under one name, the flagship fleet name of PAM Transport.  Over the years, acquistions by PAM Transport continued to operate under their original fleet names.  And while the specialty services these divisions provide will remain the same, the rebranding effort makes it easier for existing and potential customers to recognize the fleet and associate the superiour customer service.

In commenting on the PAM Transport rebranding efforts during the release of the company's 4th quarter earnings, PAM Transport's president Daniel Cushman stated:

"Another accomplishment completed in the fourth quarter 2009 was the rebranding of P.AM. Transport, which effectively combines the operations of several companies acquired over the last several years under the P.A.M. Transport, Inc. operating name. The benefits of communicating the services we provide in terms that customers, both existing and potential, understand outweigh any residual benefit of continued operations in the original names of the companies acquired, such as Choctaw Express, Inc., Decker Transport Co., Inc., Allen Freight Services, Inc., and P.A.M. Dedicated Services, Inc.

"We appreciate our customers' and employees' support through this transition, as it will provide us greater market visibility, operating efficiencies, and market position for 2010."  In addition to renaming the subsidiary fleets, PAM Transport also updated the company logo which will eventually adorn all of the company trucks & trailers.

PAM Transport is currently providing company paid CDL training for qualified applicants thru the Driver Solutions Network. Learn more about joining the PAM Transport team.