How It Pays (Literally) To Be A Fuel Efficient Driver at PAM Transport

Being a fuel-efficient driver with PAM Transport can pay off…literally. 

Let’s take Willie for example.  Willie is a driver who has been driving with PAM Transport for just over one year.  During his visit with the company in Tontitown, he noticed a cookout going on where drivers were being honored and a Harley Davidson motorcycle was being given away.  Naturally, his interest was sparked so he made his way over to the event to find out what was going on.  He quickly learned about the Mission MPG program – a program that provides incentives to PAM Transport’s most fuel-efficient drivers.  Being a goal-oriented individual, Willie immediately decided to challenge himself over the next year to break into this group of PAM’s most elite drivers.   As a new trucker, he knew he had a lot to learn if he wanted to succeed.  And succeed he did…

Fast-forward to one year later and Willie was among the 13 drivers being recognized at this year’s Mission MPG event at the PAM Transport headquarters in Tontitown, Arkansas for his top-notch performance in fuel efficiency.  Over the course of his first year behind the wheel, he consistently performed in the top 10% of his peer group, received monthly incentives along the way, and was eligible for quarterly and annual prizes like the Harley Davidson motorcycle.  Very impressive for a first-year driver! 

Watch the video below for a recap of this year’s Mission MPG event at PAM Transport to find out who won the Harley Davidson grand prize and hear from Willie himself!

More on PAM Transport’s MISSION MPG Program

The Driver Fuel & Safety Incentive is awarded to company drivers who consistently outperform their peers in fuel efficiency, achieve company goals, and maintain a safe driving record. Cash incentives are paid out for Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual performance for eligible company drivers.  Drivers are competing among others with similar equipment – creating a level playing field for all.   The Mission MPG program provides nice incentives to drivers with several years of experience as well as those drivers like Willie who are just beginning a truck driving career. 

So, what are some tips for maximizing fuel efficiency?  As it turns out, there’s some real meaning behind the MISSION. 

The “MISSION” in MISSION MPG stands for:

Minimize RPM’s

  • Use Cruise Control in Top Gear whenever possible.  The difference between 54 MPH in 9th gear vs. 10th gear is 1.0 MPG, and using Cruise will minimize RPM fluctuations. 
  • Let it roll!  Disable the Jake Brake when coasting to a stop.  The Jake Brake is an important safety feature to assist with speed reduction in emergencies, but increases RPM’s…decreasing MPG’s.

Idle Off – Reduce idle whenever possible.  For every hour of idle, we use 1 gallon of fuel.  That’s $4/hour to idle your truck!

Speed – Reduce your speed whenever practical.  For every mile per hour reduction in speed while in top gear, an additional 0.1 MPG can be achieved. 

Shifting Techniques – Progressive Shift is the quickest and most economical way to get your truck up to cruising speed.  It minimizes RPM fluctuation and keeps the engine near peak torque and peak horsepower. 

Inflation and Inspection

  • Check your tire pressures daily.  Maintaining steers at 110 lbs. and drive tires at 100 lbs will significantly reduce rolling resistance.  Every 10 PSI below this results in 0.05 MPG loss.
  • Check your fluid levels daily and top them off as needed for peak truck efficiency. 

On-Time Maintenance – Make sure you get your preventive maintenance services done on time.  Proper on-time maintenance will ensure your truck is running at peak efficiency. 

Narrow the Gap – by minimizing the gap between the tractor and trailer, you can improve aerodynamics.  Having a gap in excess of 30 inches can increase drag by over 2%. 

It’s Time To Put These Fuel Efficiency Tips To Use

It doesn’t matter if a driver has been with PAM Transport for 3 years or 3 months, putting these tips to use can start paying off right now.  Over the last year, PAM Transport awarded over $600,000 in cash and prizes to its drivers as part of the Mission MPG program!  Something as simple as reducing speed 1 MPH can mean saving the company millions of dollars in fuel over the course of a year.  It only makes sense to recognize and reward those top drivers who make savings like that possible.   Who knows, next year the person sitting on a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle could be you!

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