PAM Transport Driver Visits Indianapolis Trucking School

Nicole Reeves first applied with Driver Solutions about 1 year ago today.  She had always wanted to become a truck driver and when some things finally fell into place in her life she realized it was time to pursue this lifelong dream.  She attended truck driving school in Indianapolis and went to work for PAM Transport

Fast forward to a year later and we're happy to report that Nicole Reeves is loving life on the road with PAM Transport!  Just yesterday, she stopped by one of the truck driving schools Driver Solutions works with in Indianapolis, Indiana to visit for awhile.  During that visit she took the time to do a video interview (full video will be posted later this week) to share more about her story as well as tips for new truck drivers. 

Let's Get to Know Nicole :

Living Her Dream
Ever since she first got her driver's license, Nicole has had a CB radio in her car just to listen in on the conversation.  When trucks would pass out on the highway, she'd think about how she'd like to become a truck driver one day.  She's now visited all but 5 of the lower 48 states and is very proud to say, "I love my job!"

Getting Started
While she had not previously held a CDL, Nicole had some experience driving trucks and hauling things from other jobs which made areas of truck driver training such as backing up a bit easier for her.  She really enjoyed her time at trucking school, stays in contact with some classmates and stops by for a visit when her schedule allows.

Positive Attitude & Communication
Nicole has a positive relationship with her dispatcher which helps make communication between the two much easier.  She recommends asking for home time as far in advance as possible and always asking to be home a day earlier than needed to plan for any schedule changes that may come up.  She says that having a positive attitude as a truck driver is key. 

Budgeting for Meals on the Road
Nicole typically visits Wal-Mart to get her groceries and has a budget of roughly $50-$60 per week for food.  She recommends having quick, healthy snacks available and avoiding highly-caffeinated drinks as much as possible. 

What About the Miles and Pay?
She is really enjoying her time with PAM Transport and averages around 2,500 - 2,700 miles per week, though she just wrapped up a 3,900 mile run to California.  She's happy with the money she's making as a truck driver as it's allowed her to provide for her family.  She plans on staying with PAM Transport for several years beyond her 1 year anniversary with the company

Helpful Hint
She also mentions that velcro is a truck driver's best friend.  She uses velcro on her CB radio as well as many other items around the truck.

Be sure to check back later this week for more from Nicole! 

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