Meet PAM Transport Driver Manager, Corey Grist

At PAM Transport, we understand that putting the right people in the right place makes a big difference.  From each of our drivers all the way to our support system back at our headquarters in Tontitown, AR, everyone at all of our locations works together to make a successful company.

As with any successful trucking company, our drivers are top priority.  Whether it's making sure that a driver gets home during scheduled time off or helping to keep our drivers in a late model, well maintained truck - there's someone responsible for overseeing these things. 

So, who are the people that work every day to make sure our drivers' needs are met?  We think it's time you get to know some more of the individuals behind our company.  Let's put some faces with the names as we meet more of the PAM Transport team. 

Meet Corey Grist - Driver Manager at PAM Transport

Meet Corey Grist

What does he do at PAM Transport?
Corey works in the Operations Department as a Driver Manager on the Ford Team, and has been with PAM Transport since 2011.

What's his favorite part of the job?
His favorite part of the job is helping a driver find the perfect dedicated lane that allows them to be home regularly and is financially rewarding.

Corey's Top Tip:
Corey says, “Communication is everything! The more often a driver can communicate accurately with a driver manager, the more efficiently we will be able to help plan ahead and solve any issues that might come up."

More on Corey:
In addition to helping drivers find dedicated opportunities, Corey loves to talk about Pearl Jam lyrics and how awesome Floyd Mayweather is.

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