OTR Truck Driving Jobs Are Great Building Experience

At Driver Solutions, we work with trucking companies like PAM TranspUSA-Truck-Driverort and USA Truck to provide truck driver training mainly through a company sponsored CDL program.  After completing training at our trucking school, drivers are usually placed in an over-the-road (OTR) truck driving position for the first year. 

In an OTR position, you can expect to be out on the road driving for about 2-3 weeks at a time.  You will then get to go back home for few days and be back out on the road again for 2-3 weeks after that break.  This experience on the road is very important to your success in a trucking career.  During this time you get to see the country and learn all about life on the road - best of all you get paid to do it! 

This first-year OTR position is also a great way to open up the options for your trucking career.  Once you have a year of OTR driving experience, you’ll be able to consider other routes and types of truck driving jobs, such as a local route driver, a driver trainer, or LTL (less-than truck load) truck driving opportunities.  In addition to having more options, you will also be able to earn more money in your truck driving job while continuing to advance your trucking career.

To speak with a Driver Agent to get your trucking career started, just fill out our online trucking application.  We look forward to helping you gain trucking experience!

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