OTR Driving with USA Truck - Keep a Steady Pace & Enjoy the Ride

It's been a lot of fun out on the road with USA Truck so far, and my first week is quickly coming to a close. Our day started really early today -- we headed up to Elgin, Illinois to make a drop and that went really well. Our last stop for this trip is tomorrow. I'm wondering if anyone knows from the picture in this post where we were heading for the last part of this job?

Hint: It's within a few hours of Chicago, and people seem to want to wear food on their head to show support for their football team.

I'm not sure how many people know this about me, but I am a huge hiker. I've done hikes near Vail, Colorado (Vazquez Peak and Uneva Peak), Mt. Baker in Washington, Mt. Hood in Oregon, and I also got to the top of Mt. Healy in Alaska a few times -- near Denali National Park. Good times.

So, I think it's pretty important that I try to stay in shape while out on the road. Today I was able to take a brisk walk around the truck stop a few times (7 to be exact) to get the heart beating and also to keep an eye on the truck and our load.

I'm not sure where we are heading to next, and that's part of the fun of working a truck driver job! OTR Training is going really well. This morning, while traveling through Chicago very early (yet still busy!), all my training I've had so far came in handy. It was interesting watching all the 4-wheelers dart in and out of traffic. I kept a safe distance and always left myself an out if need be (Smith System!). No need to get mad at the 4-wheelers -- heck, if I were to get mad at them, I might be mad all day. I just kept a steady pace and enjoyed the ride.

- Wayne

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