USA Truck Training - First Week’s in the Books!

The first week of my trucking career is in the books! I can say that it's been a great experience and I can definitely say that I will be working harder the next few weeks so I can get my upgrade to go solo with USA Truck.

I've been driving quite a bit over the last 3 days. In fact, after a few hours of driving tomorrow I will be on my 34 hour reset. As much fun as it's been the last week, I think I'm ready for it.  Lots of learning and studying when we stop to rest for the night, so It will be nice to just unwind for a day on the road.

Randall and I left the Mid-West for Upper New York 3 days ago and as I mentioned in my previous update, it was very beautiful out there. I didn't have any time to take quality photos when we were up there as we were in a hurry to get out of there before Hurricane Sandy aka "Frankenstorm" made it's arrival. We are now heading southwest and I have taken a few photos of our great sunset tonight. After a hard 11 hour drive and an upcoming reset, I was very lucky to get the shots I got. In fact, the second we parked the tractor, filled out the necessary paperwork (logs, etc.), I was on my way out the door to take an hour walk to watch the sunset. Nothing better than that I would say!

I have improved dramatically on some of the issues I talked about in previous updates. One thing I need to work on are the lower gear downshifts when driving through the mountains. I'm doing better on the upper gears, but need to slow down my R.P.M.'s on the lower gears (5 thru 1). Randall has been helping me get better, but I'm still needing to work on it the next week coming up.

The mountains themselves are another thing all together. We are not out West at the Rockies, but I'm learning the smaller mountains east of Mississippi. I first noticed quite a difference when heading up a small mountain a few days ago when we were loaded. I was losing RPM's in 10th gear and Randell was telling me, "Time to downshift or your gonna go to low in the RPM's".. I did ok, but as I mentioned before, there is room for improvement this upcoming week.

Take Care and be safe, Wayne

- Posted here is a photo I grabbed while we were in Kentucky.

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