Operation Safe Driver Informs Public on Safe Driving Practices

Raise your hand -- how many of you drivers are exasperated day-in and day-out by the number of people in cars who it seems simply don't understand basic driving procedures around large trucks?

In accidents between a car and a truck, the majority of the time it's caused by the car -- this is common industry knowledge. So why then, do all these 4-wheelers continue the habit of engaging in these driving behaviors that are extremely dangerous? Things like cutting in front of a truck and driving alongside the trailer seem like obvious no-no's to us, but often times it's not that clear to other drivers. Sometimes it's just because they don't care, or maybe they aren't really considering the consequences of these actions, but most of the time, it's sheer unawareness.

Operation Safe Driver

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance and FMCSA began an initiative several years ago to increase awareness among both commercial and non-commercial drivers on how to stay safe on the road. That initiative is called Operation Safe Driver.

This year, Operation Safe Driver Week will take place from October 20 through October 26. During this time, patrol will be cracking down on distracted and unsafe driving. This includes all vehicles on the road, from cars, to buses, to trucks.Violations officers will be looking out for include speeding, following too close, and distracted and/or impaired driving.

Safe Driving Tips for Trucks, Buses, and Cars

As CVSA mentions in the document, often crashes between trucks and cars result in the blame game -- finger pointing is a common scenario whenever an accident occurs. Fortunately, there are many things both car and truck drivers can do to be a little bit safer on the road. CVSA has a list of safe driving tips, and we've put together our own graphic on How to Share the Road with Trucks. Please check out these documents and share with your friends and family to help spread the word on how to drive safely!