A Simple Guide To On-The-Job Gifts For Truck Drivers

It's hard to believe November is already here and soon it'll be half way over.  This means the holiday season is upon us and Christmas time is coming soon!  Many of you that are truck drivers will be asked what gifts you'd like this year.  And those of you who are friends and family of truckers will get the challenge of finding gifts that the driver in your life can actually use.

Well, our friends over at The Healthy Trucker have put together a free guide of the top gifts for truck drivers.  This is a simple guide that's categorized to help you find just the right gift this holiday season...or anytime for that matter.  One of my favorite lists on the guide are the on-the-job gifts for truckers.  Simply put, this is stuff truckers actually want and things they can really use.  Below is a look at what I think are the Top 3 On-The-Job gifts for truck drivers.  These gift ideas range in price, so there's something for every budget really.  Take a peak below and if you'd like to grab the complete list, you can sign up to get the guide here over on The Healthy Trucker website.

Top 3 On-The-Job Gifts for Truckers

Apollo 39 Piece Tool Set for Truck Drivers

Apollo 39 Piece Tool Set
When a trucker needs em, he/she is always glad to have em!  You never know when a set of tools will come in handy and any driver will tell you that preparation is key.  This 39-piece tool set doesn't take up much room in the cab and includes a 12-foot tape measure, claw hammer, 6-inch slip joint pliers, eight SAE hex keys, ratcheting bit driver, 8-inch scissors, 20 bits, a plastic knife, and four precision screwdrivers.  These tools are made from heavy duty materials and stored in a sturdy blow molded case.  If you're looking for a gift for truck drivers, you can't go wrong by picking up this tool set

Garmin Nuvi Trucker GPS

Garmin Nuvi Trucker GPS
Make getting from point A to point B just a bit easier with this trucker-friendly GPS that's perfect for any driver, especially the newbies.  With a nice, easy to read screen and lifetime of map updates, the trucker in your life will be able to navigate the roads with confidence.  For more on this GPS, see our comparison of the Garmin Nuvi vs. the Rand McNally here

Maglite Flashlight for Truck Drivers

Maglite Mini Flashlight
This is a durable, highly functional flashlight that's ideal for truck drivers.  In a super strength aluminum alloy case, this flashlight has a high intensity beam that's adjustable and versatile.  Need to do a pre-trip inspection in the dark?  No problem with this handy flashlight.  Trying to find something in the truck?  Just shine this bad boy around.  This compact flashlight is easy to handle and hold in any space...no matter how tight.  


Get More Gift Ideas for Truckers
If you found these ideas helpful, check out the Top 12 Gifts for Truck Drivers from The Healthy Trucker here!  They have several lists categorized and sorted for every truck driver on every budget.  It's a great way to jump start your shopping this holiday season.