(Video): Day vs. Night Driving - Which Do Truckers Prefer?

When starting a career as a professional truck driver, many decide to work a team truck driving job in order to maximize their paycheck. A team trucking job means the wheels are moving nearly all the time. This also means that two drivers are splitting the drive time and get paid for all the miles driven, not just the ones each individual driver traveled. One decision that must be made when part of a team is who is going to take which shift? Does one driver take mostly dayttime driving and the other night?  Or is it possible to split it so there's a little of both for each driver?  It's all up to the team to come to an agreement on what works best for each driver. 

There are definitely pros and cons of each and it's always fun to find out which shift drivers prefer.  Watch the video below to hear what drivers think about nighttime driving vs. day.

Watch: Truckers Talk Day vs. Night

Pros of Driving at Night

Less traffic.  The number one reason many drivers prefer nighttime driving is that there is less traffic on the road! It’s hard to deny that driving is more relaxing when you’re not getting stuck in traffic or commuting through rush hour.

Truck stop availability. One thing drivers must learn to time is stopping for their break at a truck stop. Stop too late, and a truck stop can be completely full. Nighttime driving provides the advantage that when you pull in early morning, most drivers are getting up and taking off for the day, so there’s rarely a shortage of parking.

Pros of Driving During the Day

Circadian rhythm.  Many drivers prefer daytime driving simply because it aligns with our natural circadian rhythms. We’re programmed to be awake during the daytime and asleep during the nighttime.

Easier to see.  Some drivers prefer daytime driving because it’s easier to see traffic conditions, potential hazards, and what’s going on down the road.

Driving a New Career

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