Free Missouri CDL Truck Driving Schools - Do You Really Want To Go?

Missouri, also known as the “Show Me State,” is home to many CDL truck driving schools.  So how is a new driver supposed to find the school that’s right fit?

Many people start a search by trying to locate free truck driving schools.  Everyone wants something for free, right?  Well, free isn’t always a good thing – especially when it comes to training to help prepare for a new career.  While training locations may be advertised as   “free truck driving schools” there’s more than meets the eye.  Many require taking out a loan which makes the training “free” upfront or have outrageous employment contracts that come with the “free” training.  While this may seem great upfront, it often comes back to bite the driver down the road. 

Think about if for a minute…why would any reputable Missouri CDL truck driver school spend their money and resources to train new drivers without expecting something in return?  It just doesn’t make sense. 

Guide to Finding the Missouri CDL Truck Driver School

To make things easy, Driver Solutions has put together a quick guide to help drivers find the right truck driving school that works best for them.  This guide takes a look at 5 factors to consider when making the decision on which school to go to and these include:

  • Location
  • Cost
  • Quality of Training
  • Job Opportunity
  • Length

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School Sounds Great – But What About The Job?

Driver Solutions has teamed up with reputable trucking companies such as PAM Transport and USA Truck to offer company paid CDL training.  This means the trucking company covers the upfront tuition costs of attending a Missouri CDL truck driving school and the driver has the opportunity to go to work for the company in order to “pay back” a portion of the tuition costs over a period of 1 year.  It’s not considered a loan and has proven to be the best way for new drivers to gain some real world experience.  

There are currently Missouri truck driving jobs available in cities such as:

  • Springfield
  • St. Louis
  • Joplin
  • and more

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