MI School Sued for Truck Driver Training Fraud

A Michigan CDL truck driving school is being sued by seven former students who allege that the truck driver training school violated 11 Michigan provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and Advertising laws, as well as made false representations of the program to entice the students to sign contracts. 

The suburban Detroit school is accused of promising their customers they’d make over $50,000 in the first year and that they would always be helped out with job placement, a promise that is said they did not keep.  And each customer has to sign a contract that puts them ‘on the hook’ for the $6,000 training tuition, all the time being reassured by the trucking driving school representatives that they would never have to pay for it…the trucking company that they go to work for will pay it, even though they don’t know who that company is yet.

Unfortunately, this isn't just an isolated case with one school in Detroit.  It’s happening nationwide at truck driving schools.  Several trucking companies have stopped recruiting truck driving school grads altogether.  For instance, Schneider National used to run their own truck driving school, but shut it down and has even stopped hiring any inexperienced truck driving school graduates.  It may sound like a grim outlook, but really it just means you have to make smarter more informed decisions about your truck driving career.  There are still good trucking companies hiring new drivers, but they are more selective and prefer you attend an approved truck driving school. 

Company Sponsored CDL Training Is The Answer

Look for trucking job opportunities that offer real company-sponsored CDL training.  One business that does offer true company-paid CDL training is Driver Solutions.  Before you can attend the CDL training program, Driver Solutions has to get your application qualified with one of their network trucking companies.  With CDL training & an entry-level truck driving job with the Driver Solutions Network, inexperienced truck drivers will never have to worry about getting left behind.  By going through the Driver Solutions CDL truck driver training program, you’ll be able to start a new career without having to worry about the tuition costs of training.