Mexican Trucks in the US: Allow or Deny?

There seems to be quite the controversy over the subject of Mexican trucks these days. Some feel we should allow trucks from Mexico to cross our borders with goods. Others, not so much. Those in favor of allowing the trucks to cross feel that this is an opportunity our economy can’t afford to pass up. Those not, on the other hand, believe that opening US roads to Mexico has the potential to further harm our nation. But who’s right?

Mexican Trucks in US

I, myself, see the pros and cons of both. If we let them in, it could help boost our economy. But it could also pave an easier way for drugs and illegal aliens to enter our country. If we don’t let Mexican trucks cross the US border, we could be faced with lawsuits and allegations that our government is violating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but drugs and illegal aliens would have one less avenue to enter the US.

And here’s one thing to ponder…If our government decides to allow Mexican trucks to enter our country, would truck driving jobs be taken away from our own citizens? I’d like to hear what you think.