Why Can’t I Find A Local Trucking Job With No Experience Needed?

If you're considering a new career as a truck driver, the question will likely come up - why can't I find a local trucking job with no experience?  In fact, we get this question from a lot people who have applied for the Driver Solutions program and wonder how the trucking industry works.  Today we're going to go through a few things to answer this question. 

First of all, it's important to understand that while many people make the move over to a trucking career later in life, there still is a period of time that's all about paying dues.  Typically that period of time is right around 1 year.  What this means is that finding a local truck driver job without at least a year of experience is going to be very difficult...

Getting Experience - 1st Year As A Truck Driver

Before we get into local truck driver jobs, it's important to understand what the first year as a truck driver is really all about.  One of our most popular posts on the Driver Solutions blog is all about becoming a truck driver and the first year.  It's called 3 Reasons Your First Year As A Truck Driver Will Make or Break You and one of the reasons your first year can break you is "Grass Is Greener" syndrome.  When it comes to trucking, "Grass Is Greener" means always thinking a local truck driving job will be better than long haul/OTR or believing that you'll get more miles with X company.  The list goes on and on.  It's one thing to think about these things, but once they take over your mind it can really derail your career.

Grass is Greener

What I am suggesting is that focusing on landing a local truck driving job right out of the gate with no previous experience is not the way to go.  Instead, focus on the learning opportunities available in the first year as a truck driver and how this experience helps open doors for other career opportunities in the industry.

Why Local Truck Driver Jobs Require Experience

There are some very attractive things about local truck driving jobs and it's easy to understand why someone would want a local job out of the gate.  Some benefits include being home every night or every couple days, having a more dedicated route that you're familiar with...in general just a regular schedule.  But there's something to be said about becoming an over the road truck driver, making the lifestyle adjustment that comes along with living in a truck for 3-4 weeks at a time and gaining a ton of experience very quickly.  While becoming an OTR truck driver is a challenge, it's one that will show future employers that a driver has what it takes to be a reliable, safe and hard working employee. 

Truck Driving Job

Take a step back for a minute to imagine that you're the local trucking company making a hiring decision between 2 applicants.  Let's say Applicant 1 has no previous experience and comes from a construction background. Meanwhile, Applicant 2 has spent the past 2 years with the same trucking company, has no at-fault accidents, a reliable record with on-time deliveries and just wants to be home more to spend time with his young children.  Given this scenario, it's really tough to think that Applicant 1 would be a better employee than Applicant 2 because Applicant 2 has already proven himself/herself.  If you're trying to find a local trucking job with no experience, Applicant 2 is the competition. 

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How To Get Truck Driving Job Experience

A company sponsored CDL training program like the one Driver Solutions offers helps truck drivers get the experience needed to find a local trucking job with no upfront tuition cost.  Reputable truck driving companies such as USA Truck and PAM Transport are currently hiring drivers with no experience and CDL training is provided.  This is the best way for new drivers to get started, gain some valuable experience driving OTR and then find a local truck driving job if that's the best route for the future. 

Complete the no obligation application online to schedule a time to speak with a Driver Agent about truck driving job opportunities that are currently available.  It'll take about 10 minutes helps answer questions about becoming a truck driver. 

Closing Thoughts

There's something to be said for making the most of current opportunities and gaining experience...no matter what career we're talking about.  I've seen plenty of drivers over the last few years trade in an over-the-road (OTR) job for something local, only to go back to driving OTR again because they miss it.   Sometimes it's that the local truck driver pay isn't what they thought it would be and they can make more driving more miles.  Other times truck drivers just miss seeing the whole USA as traveling may be one of the main reasons they got into truck driving to begin with.  The important thing is to weigh options and consider the value that comes along with gaining that first year of experience.  Even if a local trucking job with no experience was available, would it even be a good one?  Wouldn't it make sense that the more experience a driver had, the better the job opportunity?  These are questions to consider.

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