What to Know About Little Rock, Arkansas & Sponsored Truck Driving School

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think Little Rock, Arkansas?  It’s probably not truck driving jobs with training, right?  How about company sponsored truck driving school?   Maybe it’s something along the lines of what exactly is the significance of the Little Rock and where is it located?  We’re going to cover all of these things right now. 

Before we jump into the heart of this post to discuss whether or not free truck driving school exists in Arkansas, lets answer the Little Rock question.  According to Wikipedia, Little Rock gets its name from a small rock formation on the south bank of the Arkansas River called la Petite Roche (French for “the little rock”).  The Little Rock was used by early traffic as a landmark and became a well-known river crossing.  Here’s some more background on Arkansas.

4 More Fun Facts About Little Rock , Arkansas

  • In 2011 Forbes magazine named Little Rock one of the cleanest cities in America
  • North Little Rock offers one the nation’s largest municipal parks
  • A person from Arkansas is called an Arkansan
  • Arkansas is one of only a few diamond producing states in America and has the only public diamond mine in the world

Getting Familiar with Little Rock Neighborhoods

Little Rock, Arkansas has some of the best neighborhoods to live in when it comes to affordability.  From Pleasant Valley in West Little Rock to Hillcrest in Downtown Little Rock over to Lakewood in North Little Rock and Conway in the outskirts, Arkansas is a great place to live.  But does it offer options to those looking for truck driving jobs with training?  First, lets start with the availability of truck driving schools. 

Finding a Free Truck Driving School in Little Rock

First thing is first, free truck driving schools do not exist.  You won’t find free truck driving school in Little Rock, or any other city for that matter.  And really, attending free truck driving school shouldn’t even run across a new driver's mind.  Remember, truck driving school is a place where a driver goes to learn the skills needed to drive an 80,000 lbs semi truck down the highway.  Does a “free” school sound like one that would be able to teach someone this sufficiently? 

What does exist is company sponsored CDL training.  This is a form of “free” truck driving school which allows new drivers to get the training needed without the upfront tuition cost.  In exchange, the driver agrees to drive with the company covering his/her training costs for a period of 1 year.  A small portion of the tuition is paid back over time. This isn’t really “free” since a commitment from the driver is required and a portion is paid back over time, though it is often advertised as such.

Finding Truck Driving Jobs with Training in Little Rock, AR

Driver Solutions is proud to partner with companies like PAM Transport and USA Truck to offer truck driving jobs with training in and around the Little Rock, AR area.  There are currently openings available in the following areas:

  • Little Rock
  • Hot Springs
  • Fayetteville
  • Pine Bluff
  • Texarkana
  • And more!

How to Get Started

To find truck driving jobs with training in Little Rock, Arkansas (and surrounding areas), take a few moments to fill out the online driver application by clicking the button below. After completing the application, you’ll be able to speak with a Driver Solutions agent about your truck driving job options. Apply now to get started!

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