Laid Off:  Find A New Career with CDL Training

I recently saw a news story from a South Bend, IN TV station about how laid-off workers are coping with the changing economic times.  Many people are entertaining the idea of trucking careers and signing up for truck driving school.  Their hope is to land a truck driver job and replace the income that was lost with previous employment. 

There's an interview with a truck driving school representative that echoes the same sentiment I stated during an interview last week.  More and more people are looking at a cdl license as a key to new career with stability.  And there are still trucking companies hiring graduates of a cdl training program. 

Get CDL Training AND A Job

One key consideration you should be concerned about as you consider a trucking career is job placement.  Some trucking companies are tightening their requirements and qualifications.  Make sure you attend a CDL training program that can secure you an employment opportunity after you complete the truck driving school.  Driver Solutions is a great place to turn to because we work on you qualifying you for a truck driving job with a trucking company that will cover the cost of your CDL training.