Work Boots or Travel Cooler? Father’s Day Gifts for Truckers

Need help finding the perfect Father's Day gift for truck drivers?  Dad's day is going to be here before you know it, so we're going to offer up some help with our THIS ONE or THAT ONE guide.

What is THIS or THAT?

On the Driver Solutions Facebook page, we’ve been posting popular gifts for truck drivers and asking for feedback.  Each day, we put 2 items head to head to find out if the majority of drivers prefer THIS ONE or THAT ONE.  Let's compare the CAT Work Boots vs. a Koolatron Compact Kooler...

CAT Work Boots vs. Cooler

CAT Work Boots or Koolatron Portable Kooler?

Why the CAT Work Boots?
Truck drivers need a good set of shoes and a good set of boots.  These boots are durabl, comfortable and perfect for Dad when he's faced with the elements out on the road. 

Why a Koolatron Kooler?
Eating healthy on the road is MUCH easier with this portable cooler from Koolatron.  With this cooler, Dad can hit up the grocery, save some money, and be ready to eat healthy for the week! 

Which One Wins?

The Koolatron Kooler takes the cake in this battle!  Truck drivers need the convenience when it comes to eating healthy and this portable cooler is definitely worth the investment.