Kindle Fire HD or Xbox 360 - Father’s Day Gifts for Truck Drivers

Is it just an unspoken law that fathers have to be difficult to shop for? It seems like it. However, we're here to help with that this year! It's officially last minute -- looking for a great gift for the number one man in your life? Don't fret! Finding him something he'll love is easy with Driver Solutions' THIS or THAT guide.

What is THIS or THAT?

On the Driver Solutions Facebook page, we’ve been posting popular gifts for truck drivers and asking for feedback.  Each day, we put 2 items head to head to find out if the majority of drivers prefer THIS ONE or THAT ONE.  So, let’s get started with...

Kindle Fire HD or Xbox 360?

Why choose the Amazon Kindle Fire HD?
The Amazon Kindle Fire HD comes with an array of features guaranteed to keep dad entertained. From movies, to TV, games and more, the tablet could be dad’s window to the virtual world. It will also allow you to connect with him out on the road through social media, email, and other outlets.

Why choose the Xbox 360?
Is dad the gamer type? Perhaps he just wants to shut out the rest of the world and play Modern Warfare for a couple hours. If so, he’s sure to appreciate this gaming system. Hey, maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll let you play Xbox with him when he’s home…

Which one wins?

Stay connected with dad out on the road with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Amazon is running a father’s day special, so save some money and get yours with a discount!