Timothy’s Journey to Driver Trainer with USA Truck

 Timothy Brown is a driver trainer with Driver Solutions partner company, USA Truck. During our interview, Tim shared a ton of helpful tips for students getting ready to go over the road with a company trainer. And who better to share tips on going OTR with a trainer than that trainer himself?!

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, we'll be featuring parts of Tim's interview.  It'll be extremely helpful for anyone entering the trucking industry as OTR training is a very important part of any new truck driving job. 

First, let's find out how Timothy got into the truck driving industry in the first place...

USA Truck Trainer Timothy BrownQ: How did you get into truck driving? What were you doing prior to becoming a truck driver?
A: Well, what made me want to be a truck driver is that I had transitioned out of the military and it was hard to find employment where I lived. One job that was hiring was truck driving. I grew up with my dad being a truck driver so it just kind of fit. It seemed like a good decision to give it a go and see how I liked it and how it went. Not to mention it was one of the only jobs hiring in my area, so it turned out ito be a win-win in both situations.

Q: How did you come across Driver Solutions?
A: I went online trying to find companies that would pay for CDL training, and that’s how I found you guys.

Q: What was your CDL training experience like?
A: Truck driving school in Springfield was fast paced because there were so many people, so it was like the Army. You hit the ground boots running and just jumped into each and every situation. The instructors were forward and explained in detail how to do each step.

Q: Did you have any experience behind the wheel prior to training?
A: I didn’t have any experience behind an actual semi with a 53-foot drive-in, no. I handled heavy machinery like tanks and humvees and stuff in the Army, but never actually a tractor trailer.

Q: What was it like when you first got behind the wheel?
A: When you first get behind the wheel, it’s intimidating because you’ve never done it before and you're trying to manipulate something that goes 53 feet behind you with a 80-foot turn radius in a circle.

Q: What’s your experience with USA Truck been like?
A: It’s been good – USA Truck is a good starter company. They’ve treated me well since I started. I’m a trainer now, so I’m teaching new students how to drive for USA.

Next time, we interview Tim about what students need to know when hitting the road with their company trainer. Don't miss Tim's tips!

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