Is Coffee King for Truck Drivers?

I read a recent news report on USA Today’s website about coffee.  Starbucks is now the number 3 U.S. restaurant chain according to a just released report from research firm Technomics.  So, how does coffee relate to a blog about truck driving?

Well, for years we’ve seen the stereotypical truck driver taking a break by eating dinner and drinking coffee at the counter of a truck stop.  Of course, the stereotypical waitress in her apron stops by frequently to chat and re-fill the trucker’s coffee cup.  Coffee was the fuel that kept truck drivers going mile after mile.

Times have changed and today we have more beverage choices than ever to give us the much-sought after shot of caffeine.  So, now I’m wondering what is the modern truck driver’s drink of choice?  Is it coffee?  Maybe Mountain Dew?  Or is it an energy drink such as Red Bull?  Truck drivers - chime in on our poll and tell us what your must have road trip beverage is!