Truck Driver Shares His Experience Driving At PAM Transport

Sharing His Driving Experience With PAM Transport

Here's Part 3 of our 4-part interview series with experienced PAM Transport driver Tom Reeves! Tom has been driving with PAM Transport for over 5 years and has some great tips and industry information to share with you.

PAM Transport truck

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Now, let's see what Tom had to say about home time, miles, and going over the road with your trainer!

Q: How long are you out for at a time? How much home time do you usually get?
A: I like to stay out for about 5-6 weeks at a time. Then I usually am home for about six days.

Q: Do you have a family that you spend time with when you’re home?
A: I have brothers and sisters, but no wife or kids. I have a girlfriend who drives too, though. She’s an owner-operator with a different, local company and really likes it. 

Q: What are the reasons you’ve stayed with PAM for so long?
A: I’m getting decent miles. They treat me well. I get home time when I need to be home. There’s no hurry or pressure. It’s a good company – they treat you well. My DM is good and helps me out when/if I have any problems.

Q: Can you talk a little about your DM?
A: I’ve been through five DMs so far this year. The last four all got promoted. I haven’t ever actually met my current DM, but he treats me well and gets me the miles. He says if I ever have problems to give him a call. Other than that, I haven’t met him so I can’t comment too much on what he’s like. It’s rare that I go to Tontitown.

Q: Do you prefer daytime or nighttime driving?
A: I do both. It doesn’t matter to me which one.

Q: When students go out with their trainers for 4-6 weeks after graduation, what should they pack? How much should they bring?
A: I’d recommend bringing about two weeks worth of clothing because there’s just not that much room. With solo driving you have more room since you get all the storage to yourself, but with team driving there’s really not that much. Two weeks worth would be plenty. It’s really not too difficult to find time for laundry – I try to stay on it and do laundry every 3 days. 

Q: Can you talk about showering on the road?
A: I call my DM on that. I get a PO for it. I always make sure I stop where I fuel at (Pilot or Flying J). I make sure that I get a shower every day. A lot of drivers have the time but just don’t want to shower. I take pride in my appearance – I don’t like looking like a slob when I go meet a customer. It makes my company look bad, and it makes me look bad. There’s always time to get a shower and do your laundry, it just depends on if they want to.

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