PAM Transport Driver Tom Reeves Talks Jobs, Miles & More (part 1)

Driver Solutions recently had the chance to do a phone interview with Tom Reeves.  Tom has been with PAM Transport for over 5 years and has a lot of advice to share about working in the trucking industry.  During this interview, we asked some of YOUR (our readers) questions about:

  • Team driving vs. Solo driving
  • Eating on the road
  • How to pack for your first trip
  • And of course – what it’s like to work for PAM Transport!

We asked Tom a lot of questions, so we’re going to make this a 4 part interview series (Read Part 2 Here & Part 3 Here).  Be sure to follow along over the next 2 weeks for some great information (we’ll tell you how in this post).   For now, let’s jump right in to find out more about Tom’s background as a truck driver with PAM Transport.

Q:  Why did you want to become a truck driver?
A:  I lost my other job. I like to see the country and travel, so I figured it would be a good fit.

Q:  What were you doing before you started working with PAM Transport?
A:  I was driving a dump truck for American Standard for a while. I did some other work down in Texas in the summers.

Q: When you were trying to make a change before you found PAM Transport, what were some things you were looking for?
A:  I was looking to be my own boss. I didn’t want to have anyone supervise me. When you’re in a truck, you’re the boss. I like doing a job that I’m comfortable with and can handle. I don’t have anybody breathing down my neck, like a supervisor. You’re on your own; you take care of yourself, and make sure you do the job right.

Q:  Have you been OTR your whole time with PAM? Have you had any dedicated routes or anything?
A:  I like being OTR. I’ve had dedicated routes with PAM before but always ended up going back OTR. With dedicated, you go one spot to another all the time and that’s it. OTR is more of a challenge for me.

Q:  How have miles been for you?
A:  I average about 3,200 miles a week. With 3,200 I can go without doing a 34 [restart] at all. Sometimes I get 4,000 miles a week.

Q:  Have you done any team driving at PAM?
A:  I drove team for about 3.5 years with PAM. I had several teammates and began to realize that I preferred driving solo.

Q:  Can you talk about the whole team set up? What are some pros and cons about team driving?
A:  Teams are good in the sense that they keep you moving. You can get about 6,000 miles a week as a team. But the bad thing is that the truck is always moving so sometimes that can make it hard to sleep. Another positive is that there is always someone there to talk to.  Overall, it’s not too bad, I just prefer driving alone.

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