Super Easy & Cheap Gifts for Truck Drivers Under $10

So you don't have much extra dough to spend on the trucker in your life this holiday season. No problem! There are plenty of gifts for truck drivers that are available for under $10. The items featured on today's list aren't necessarily the most exciting of pressies (I mean, how exciting can you get without spending more than ten bucks?) but they sure will be helpful to truckers' everyday lives and any driver would be thankful to receive any of the following.

PIP Brahma Men's Large Gloves, $8.63

You can never have too many pairs of work gloves. They come in handy when doing drop-and-hooks, chaining, and tarping, and having more than one pair will be helpful when a driver is trying to secure a load in pouring rain and continuously getting gloves soaked.

Body-Solid Kettlebell - 5 lb, $6.00

A lightweight kettlebell is a good gift for the truck driver who wants to get in shape, but doesn't want to drop tons of money on an expensive dumbbell set. Plus, it's better to start too light than too heavy anyway. Also, with one kettlebell, truck drivers can still get a full body workout!

Reebok Resistance Tube - Medium, $8.91

Similar to kettlebells, resistance bands are great workout themed gifts that are appropriate for someone who may not necessarily be a big gym rat. Resistance bands offer a lot of flexibility (bazinga) in terms of varying exercises and can be used easily in the cab of a truck by looping the tube through the door handle.

Sleep Mask, $6.41

Not the most stylish of Christmas gifts for truck drivers, but a sleep mask comes in handy for those times when your truck driver ends up driving all night and is forced to catch up on some zzz's during the middle of the day. This sleep mask will block light out so drivers can get a good night's rest.

Casio Scientific Calculator, $8.97

A simple calculator will serve to help figure out how many hours are left for the day, what the weekly take home pay will be, and various other tasks. It doesn't have to be a super Scientific calculator -- just your basic, run-of-the-mill calculator.

Expo Dry Erase Markers, $5.08

I know, not exactly a gift you'd expect. But dry erase markers are helpful in order to write quick instructions and notes on the side windows of the truck. They're cheap, convenient, and they wipe right off!

Pocket Truck Stop Guide, $9.99

A truck stop guide lists all the different truck stops there are to park at and includes highways and mile marker listings for each. A truck stop guide can be helpful when you're running out of hours and need to stop for the night... quick.

Honey-Can-Do Cotton Jersey Laundry Bag, $8.99

Last but not least, a laundry bag is a good way for long haul truck drivers to organize their clean and dirty laundry on the road. A semi has such limited space that truckers will want to keep their smelly undies contained as opposed to strewn all over the bedroom. When a trucker is trying to wash clothes at a truck stop or terminal, he'll be glad he has a laundry bag to keep everything organized.

What inexpensive gift ideas do you have for truckers? Leave your suggestions in the comments!