Indiana CDL Schools Prove There’s More Than Corn In Indiana

Indiana is known for corn, basketball (Indiana Pacers do have the NBA’s best record 46-13 at time for writing this post) and truck driver schools.  Wait a minute…truck driver schools?  Could the saying really be true – is there more than corn in Indiana?

The fact is that Indiana has some of the best CDL schools in cities such as Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. Also known as the “Crossroads of America,” it only makes sense that going to truck driver school in Indiana would be a great option for those looking to join America’s next wave of professional drivers.   With Indiana being a major hub for several interstate highways, students in CDL school are easily able to get good driving experience and even find truck driver jobs in Indiana.

Indiana CDL School

Indiana CDL School - What Do They Teach?

You may be saying “CDL school or truck driver school – what’s the difference?”  Truth is that while they both mean the same thing, no 2 truck driver schools are created equal.   Some will try to cram it all in one week and these are often referred to as “CDL mills.”  Remember, a CDL school is a place to learn how to drive an 18 wheeler semi truck in order to get a Commercial Driver’s License (that’s where the “CDL” comes from) and that’s no small task.  That’s why the best truck driver schools in Indiana are about 3 weeks in length and cover:

  • Classroom knowledge needed to pass the CDL permit test in addition to trip planning, map reading and more
  • Basic driving skills on the range including how to parallel park a semi tractor trailer
  • Road training in real life situations with traffic to prepare for the actual CDL skills test

Finding the Best Truck Driver School in Indiana

Some of the best truck driver schools in Indiana can be found in major cities such as Indianapolis and Fort Wayne.  So, how does a new driver go about finding the best one? 

At Driver Solutions, we’ve put together a simple guide to choosing a truck driving school that breaks this major decision down into 5 simple factors to consider:

  • Quality of Training
  • Job Opportunity
  • Cost of Training
  • Length of School
  • & School Location

To find out why these things are important when trying to find the best CDL school in Indiana, pick up our free guide here

Guide to Choosing CDL School