Improvements in Trucking Economy Signals Need for New Drivers

Good news in the economy means good news in the truck driving economy. According to the TransCore North America Freight Index, spot freight was up 54% in January from January of 2009. This marked the fourth consecutive month of improvement on a year-over-year basis.

There is no doubt the economy is slowly improving. You can see little signs all over the place. The stock market is going up, though not without a few bumps, and people are slowly going back to work. This is just the first step in the recovery but it's a sure sign that things are moving in the right direction.

Now that the truck driving economy is beginning to move in the right direction, will you be ready? Do you have enough drivers to carry the increased freight? Probably not. The truck driving industry has seen a weird reaction to the downturn in the economy.

There is still freight that needs to be shipped, and already there was a shortage of drivers, now that things are looking up truck driving companies are going to be in a position to hire more rapidly so they can keep up with the increase in demand. We need truck drivers more than ever before.

If you have been considering a career in the truck driving industry, now is a good time to start your training. Whether you are interested in long haul, or short regional routes, we can teach you what you need to know to be the best trucker you can be.

Companies will be hiring soon so make sure you are ready, you are going to be in demand soon. And won't that feel nice for a change?

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