IdleAire Looking To Reopen Locations For Truckers

At Driver Solutions, we like to share updates with you about truck driving jobs and the truck driving industry.  Our goal is to help you prepare for success in a trucking career and we hope you find the information we share helpful.  Today, we have some news about a truck driving service that helps keep drivers comfortable out on the road.  Check out the information below about IdleAire, Inc.

IdleAire, Inc. is a 10 year old company that was created to help keep truck drivers comfortable while their truck's engine is off.  IdleAire provides heating and cooling to truckers allowing them to turn their truck completely off and still enjoy the comforts of a home while at rest.  The goal of IdleAire is to "provide clean air solutions to help improve the environment and create better living conditions for our customers and the public."

IdleAire had recently closed 131 facilities loacted at truck stops throughout the country, but now it looks like they will be reopening 23 locations.  The locations that are planning on reopening include facilities on the nation's busiest truck routes such as Interstate 35 in Texas, Interstate 70 in Illinois, Interstate 40 in Arkansas and Tennessee and Interstate 95 in Virginia. 

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