Election Day FAQ: How Do Truck Drivers Vote?

Ahh...Election Day. The day when the mudslinging and political cattiness finally wind down (or so we hope).

Many people are forced to fight the hordes of people at the polls today just to get their vote heard. But you may be wondering, "How do truckers vote when they're away from home for weeks at a time?"

There are 3 possible ways drivers can vote even if they won't be in their hometown on Election Day. These three voting options include early voting, absentee voting, and mail voting.

1. Early Voting -  Early voting is currently allowed in 32 states. It allows people to vote remotely, usually in designated early voting polling stations, and no excuse or justification for why one would need to vote early is required. It typically begins about 22 How do truck drivers vote?days before the election and ends a few days before Election Day.

2. Absentee Voting - Those who will not be in their state of residence on Election Day can opt to participate in absentee voting. States will mail an absentee ballot to certain voters, who may then return the ballot by mail or in person. In 27 states and D.C., no excuse is required for you to participate in absentee voting. Twenty-one states require an excuse for absentee voting.

3. Mail Voting - A third way to vote, mail voting, is only available in two states. In Washington and Oregon, a ballot will be mailed to all eligible voters. These two states do not use traditional polling locations - all votes are cast by mail.

Truck drivers may be on the on the road for weeks at a time, but they still have options to make sure their voice is heard on Election Day!

Source: http://www.ncsl.org/legislatures-elections/elections/absentee-and-early-voting.aspx

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