OTR Training is Done.  Let’s Hit The Road with PAM Transport!

Today, we have the 3rd part of our interview with first seat PAM Transport driver Michael Price. In Part 1 and Part 2, Michael discussed why he decided to pursue a career change and what his experience at truck driving school was like. Today, we're going to talk to to him about what his experience has been like so far with PAM Transport and what he's looking forward to the most about his new truck driving career. 

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Q: What are you looking forward to the most on the road?

A: During the time with my Driver Mentor, we really didn't get to see too many of the states I want so see in this career. That’s one thing I like about trucking is traveling and getting to see new places.  My family used to always share pictures of all the places they traveled and I haven’t seen many states yet.  Some states I'd like to definitely see are Florida, California, Las Vegas, places like that. As long as I stay out of North Dakota. I’ve been there twice and I don’t like it. There is nothing to do or see and its hours and hours from truck stop to truck stop. Up and down mountains. I’m comfortable going down mountains, at least I thought I was, until I went up there and that really cramps the stomach. Truckers shouldn’t have to go through North Dakota! I want to go through different states and see them all and make money. I like that I can see different states while I’m making money!

But I guess my main goal is to make money -- save for my wedding and provide for my fiancé and kids. Ultimately I also want to complete this first year, gain some valuable experience and open doors to more opportunities. 

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