Help A Trucker Out - Signal Sooner!

First of all, it's important all motorists understand that trucks are larger vehicles which means that they require more time and distance to stop.  While this doesn't seem like an earth-shattering concept, ask any truck driver how many times he/she gets cut off every day.  You'll likely get at least a double digit answer.  So other than allowing more space when changing lanes in front of a truck, how do you help a trucker out?  Communication.  More specifically, signaling sooner.  


Again, remember trucks require more time and distance to slow down and stop - so signaling sooner when changing lanes, stopping or turning near a large semi truck gives the driver even more time to prepare.  A good rule of thumb is to signal at least 3 seconds before you plan to make your move or even earlier if you're traveling at higher speeds.  Signaling sooner around trucks is something that's a simple common courtesy, yet it can make such a big difference that it can even save lives. 

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