7 Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers Under $100

Let's face it, it's not easy to come up with gift ideas for truck drivers!  In fact, it's downright hard.  So what are you supposed to do when the next birthday, anniversary or even Christmas rolls around? You want to show the truck driver in your life that you care about him/her.  You want to show this important driver that you appreciate the sacrifices he/she makes to keep our economy going.  But you aren't sure where to get started or what they might want without just asking...and where's the surprise in that??

Well, Driver Solutions is here to be your shopping advisor.  We've helped over 20,000 truck drivers start a new career, so we know a thing or two about not only what they might want, but what they will need to enjoy life on the open road.  Let's get started...

Start With Budget  ($50 - $100)

The easiest place to start when buying any type of gift (Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Just Because) is with budget.  What's your overall budget and how much are you looking to spend on any given item?  For purposes of this post we're going to keep all suggestions under $100 - more specifically between $50 - $100.  This will give you a good selection of items, from clothing to electronics and a few things in between.  We've also included some things for entertainment purposes as well as the essentials he/she will need to fully be prepared to get the most out of a truck driving job.  Time to get right into the list!

Top 7 Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Caterpillar Work Boots - $67.19 - $104.99
Every truck driver needs a good pair of work boots.  You never know where you're going to be headed next and you must have at least 2 pair of shoes.  It always helps if 1 of these sets of shoes is a good pair of work boots. 

Portable DVD Player with 5 Hour Battery - $92.99
One of a truck driver's favorite things to do during down time before cashing in for the night is get caught up on the latest season of his/her favorite show.  Since most drivers aren't able to to watch shows at a particular time on a particular night, it makes more sense to get DVDs of each season and a portable DVD player is always handy for someone with an on-the-go lifestyle. 

BlueParrott Roadwarrior Bluetooth - $70.40
At Driver Solutions, we've done a lot of research on the the best Bluetooth for truck drivers.  To sum it all up, truck drivers need a Bluetooth that's comfortable to wear for hours, holds a long battery charge and does an excellent job of cancelling out background noise.  The BlueParrott is the way to go and you can pick it up for well under $100.  

Ultimate Sandbag Training - $69.99
Truck driver health is a BIG concern in the industry and it's not exactly easy for drivers to find time to go to a gym (if there's even one nearby).  Sandbag training can deliver proven results when it comes to fitness and it's easy to store in the cab of a truck.  Avoid the awkward conversation of asking the truck driver in your life if he/she's put on a little weight by giving them the gift of fitness. 

Kindle - $69.00
The is the PERFECT gift for the truck driver in your life who loves to read.  With clear, crisp text that jumps off the screen and thousands of books just a few clicks away, it's easy to see why the Kindle is the best-selling eReader out there. 

Canon PowerShot Digital Camera - $79.00
Truck drivers get to see some of the most breathtaking scenery - such as sunrises and sunsets while out on the road, so why not let the trucker in your life capture a moment that will last forever.  With this affordable, but capable camera truck drivers can take some cool shots or switch over to video mode to make a short movie.  Truck drivers love to take photos and this would make the driver in your life  happy this holiday season.

Carhartt Lined Jacket - $63.24 - $95.00
Truck drivers need something that's warm, durable and easy to wash.  Carharrt is a brand truckers know and trust.  Send warm wishes to your driver with this thermal jacket.

So there you have it, high quality gift ideas for under $100.  Take your pick or buy a few items on the list if the budget allows.  Either way, the driver in your life will be better prepared for his/her new career and know you really took the time to do your research.