4 Reasons Getting a CDL Will Pay Off

Getting a CDL, is it worth the time and effort? It’s a fair question to ask when considering the many reasons and ways to get a CDL. Well, we can safely answer “yes” – getting a commercial driver’s license will pay off in more ways than one!  Of course, the benefits and payoffs a driver sees after getting a CDL have to do with the training option he or she chooses, but today we’re going to talk about four reasons why getting a CDL will be one of the best investments an aspiring driver could make.

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Industry Stability

Perhaps the number one reason someone would decide to pursue a truck driving job is its stability. Currently, 10 million people are employed in the trucking industry in some fashion, whether that’s as drivers, fleet managers, or office personnel. The industry accounts for 83.7% of the revenue in the transportation industry and is set to grow an additional 20% over the next 10 years.

As evidenced above, the trucking industry is a very stable and secure career path. There will always be a demand for drivers because goods will always need to be shipped. Drivers can rest assured that when they attend CDL training and invest the money required into getting a CDL they will be entering a stable industry with job opportunities available.

Advancement Potential

A second benefit of the industry is the sheer amount of advancement opportunity that’s available after a driver gets some experience under his belt.  The key to success is getting that first year of OTR driving experience and after that the doors will begin to open.  There just aren’t many other industries out there that allow employees to advance up the career ladder so quickly.

Whether a driver is interested in staying in the industry as a local or company trainer, or switching to an office/corporate position like dispatcher or truck driving school instructor, there are ample opportunities for job growth.

Break Out Of The Office

For those who march to the beat of their own drum or prefer more solitude in their work life, truck driving can be an attractive career choice. The view from a windshield with a beautiful landscape ahead is a lot more preferable than the view of a parking lot from an office window.  In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons people decide to pursue a completely new career path!  There’s something to be said for being  your own boss and having a somewhat flexible schedule. Some people just aren’t cut out for an 8-5 office job, and for those, truck driving can be an attractive career.

Paid Travel

And last but not least… who could deny that much of the appeal of truck driving is the “paid travel” that comes with it.  Truck drivers see beautiful parts of the country on a daily basis that most people wouldn’t get to see in their lifetime, all as a part of their job.  Many people describe truck driving as a kind of paid travel. What could be better than that?

Getting a CDL pays off, and not only financially. It’s a career unlike any other out there. The industry’s stability makes it attractive for those who may be underemployed, and the job benefits like scenery, advancement opportunity, and paid travel make it an ideal position for those who may not be the desk-job kind of person.

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