Fleets Add 5,000 New Truck Driving Jobs Over Past Month

January 2013 saw rise to 5,000 new employees in the trucking industry. These same for-hire trucking fleets also added an additional 47,400 jobs throughout the last 12 months. November and December of 2012 had unemployment rates of 7.8%. That number rose to 7.9% in January of 2013.

While the trucking industry is seeking to add jobs, Bob Costello, chief economist of the American Trucking Association notes that fleet managers must closely monitor the construction industry. The housing market is recovering and adding many new jobs which could exacerbate existing driver shortage. More competition and job alternatives for job seekers, so to speak.

It's not just drivers that trucking companies are looking to hire, either. Most carriers try to keep a steady ratio between drivers and non-drivers, so if they hire more drivers, they must make up for that difference by hiring additional non-driver positions (fleet managers, recruiters, etc) as well.

In January, the trucking industry employed 1.375 million people, up from 1.37 million in December. January 2012 saw an employment of 1.33 million. The last year saw a 3.6% growth in the industry. Hopefully in the next 12 months, this continues to grow.

(Image credit: FutUndBeidl, Flickr)

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