How To Get Your First Truck Driving Job: From Student to Driver

Here's a question we get all the time:  How do I get my first trucking job? 

We've written about the difficulty of landing a local trucking job without any experience, but how does one get a foot in the door to have that option in the first place?  It seems every job wants you to have experience before you can get a job. But how do you get experience if no one will hire you?!

The best way to enter the trucking industry is to find reputable companies that hire and train inexperienced, entry-level drivers.  This is a low cost, effective way to get your first trucking job.  The key piece here is the HIRE AND TRAIN part.  Many companies will provide tuition reimbursement once you get hired, but what good is all that training if you can't find the job in the first place?  This puts you back at square one.  

This is why Driver Solutions has partnered with companies like PAM Transport and USA Truck in order to help inexperienced drivers enter the industry.  These carriers offer company paid CDL training which means not only will they cover upfront training costs for the student, there is also a job opportunity available upon graduation from truck driving school.  In exchange for the company covering the training, they will ask that the new driver commit to drive with the company for a period of one year.  This makes getting your first trucking job easier as you're pre-qualified for the job opportunity prior to CDL training.

Once you've completed the application process, you will be attending a truck driving school in your area. These trucking schools are usually a few weeks in length and will teach you everything you need to know in order to get your CDL. Truck driver training generally includes a classroom portion, a range portion, and a street driving portion.

Upon graduating from CDL training, you'll then attend an OTR training session with a company driver. Entry level truckers usually spend a few weeks on the road under the guidance of an experienced truck driver. This training portion is there to give you more hands on experience with what the job will actually be like once you get into a truck by yourself.

Finally, after you've completed your OTR training, you'll be ready to hop into your own truck and begin your professional career as a solo or team truck driver!

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