What Was It Like The First Time? (Behind The Wheel of a Big Rig)

We continued our video interviews today (don't worry, they'll be available soon) with students going through CDL training as part of the Driver Solutions program.  It just so happened that we were able to talk with some students right after they had just taken the wheel of a big rig for the first time.  

Some were nervous.  Some a little overwhelmed.  But one thing we noticed is that they were all excited and couldn't wait to get behind the wheel again.  In fact, everyone we talked to said they were already thinking of things they learned the first time and what they would do differently the next time...this is a big part of the learning process that is CDL training.  

It was great to see the excitement and eagerness to learn from these students, so we asked some of our Facebook fans to share what it was like their first time. 

Here are some of the responses:


So, we ask you - what was it like your first time behind the wheel of a big rig?  What advice would you have for those just getting started?  Share below in the comments!