My First Solo Load as a USA Truck Driver

It's hard to believe that not too long ago I delivered my first solo load with USA Truck!

A question recently came in - do I have any cool stories from the road so far?  Well, here's a quick one from that first solo load....

I had made it to a suburb of Chicago and was backing up the trailer for the first time alone. I didn't have much space in front, so I took a couple of stabs at it. I figured I better try something different. I did and it started to work. I was getting close to where I needed to be, so I "Got out and looked" (GOAL)... As soon as I did that, a nearby trucker rolled his window down and said "Newbie?".. I laughed and said "yes!". He said, "Thanks for getting out and looking! That would be my truck your hitting if you weren't backing up good. But you look great, it's in the hole."

When I got it backed up, he got out and we talked a little while. He gave me some really cool advice (one of them, not to complain all the time!) and said, "I've been doing this for 20 years and still love it. Let's me be my own boss 90% of the time."

I couldn't agree more!

Take care,


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