Day 2 with USA Truck - First Time Fueling

Well, it's the second day of driving and I am just outside of Chicago. Overall it was a good day of driving and training. I drove for 9 hours and covered some good ground. We are stopped for the night and will be getting up early tomorrow to make another drop, then on to Wisconsin for the last drop of this trailer.

It was a good day, as far as learning goes. For the big picture, I did pretty good. I need to work on the smaller issues that my trainer Randy laughed off, but I don't want to do it to him again! For example: when I was gassing up the tractor for the first time, I had the driver's side gas pump and then a satellite pump on the other side to fill the other gas tank, which Randy took. When I got done filling my driver's side pump, I totally went into car mode and shut the pump off. I immediately got a, "Did you turn that pump off, like I asked you not to?" from Randy.

"Ah, yes..." I replied. Dang it! I guess when you turn the pump off, the satellite pump turns off as well. Lesson learned, but we got 3/4 of the 2nd tank filled before I shut 'er down.

It was really nice getting back to the Midwest and driving again. It had been a while and it's still beautiful in its own right. The picture I took was of our sunset. The weather the last few days has been perfect for driving! I'm sure that will change in due time though.

Well, it's off to the rack for some bedtime reading material that USA Truck gave me during the onboarding process. I better have it done if I think I'm going to upgrade after I'm done with my trainer!

See you all on the other side of Chicago.

- Wayne

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