Find Companies Offering Trucking Jobs with No Experience Needed

Are you trying to find companies that are offering truck driver jobs with no experience required?

Even if you've found a company with entry level trucking jobs available, you may be wondering how you go about getting started if you have no previous experience behind the wheel of a big rig... 

Surely you have to go through some type of training before they let you take the wheel of a semi tractor trailer, right?

Let's break everything down into 3 super simple steps to explaining how the Driver Solutions company sponsored CDL training program can help you get a trucking career started:3 step process

  1. Complete Secure Online Driver Application - You are going to need truck driver training so you can get a CDL license to qualify for a job as a professional driver.  By completing the online application, Driver Solutions can work to find a trucking school in your area.  In addition to this, we will answer any questions you have about the trucking industry.
  2. Consider a CDL Training Sponsorship - One of the biggest hurdles in starting a career in trucking is the cost associated with training.  It's for this reason that Driver Solutions offers the company sponsored CDL training option.  This means that a trucking company such as PAM Transport or USA Truck will sponsor your training and cover the upfront tuition costs.
  3. Successfully Complete CDL Training & Start Your Career - We will work to qualify your application for a trucking job opportunity and schedule you to attend trucking school - that's right - we do the work for you as long as your application meets the requirements of the training progam.  Upon obtaining your CDL license at the end of training, you'll have the opportunity to start a new trucking career with a company you've agreed to work with for a period of 1 year.

While these 3 steps may seem simple enough, you still need to start from step 1.  So, go ahead and complete our secure online application so you can schedule a time to speak with a Driver Agent today.

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