The Best Part of Truck Driving Jobs?

There are several perks that come with driving your big rig across the country. We asked the fans of our Driver Solutions Facebook page to share what they enjoy most about their truck driving jobs. Here are some of their answers...

Truck Drivers Are Paid To Travel

When asked about the benefits of truck driving jobs, many drivers will tell you that traveling is the biggest perk for them. Truck drivers get to see all kinds of exciting and beautiful places that they might never have gotten the opportunity to visit before.

Truck Drivers Are Their Own Boss

Joshua brings up a great point. With a career in trucking, you don't have to worry about an overbearing boss hovering over you. You're the boss! Some people weren't meant to work a 9-5 job and many of those people are truck drivers!

Truck Driving Pay Is Good

With no previous experience, you can make up to $50,000 in your first year as a truck driver. Talk about a great entry-level salary! And once you've got some experience, there will be opportunities for performance based incentives and career advancement.

Truck Drivers Keep America Moving

Wild Bill brings up a point that many people who aren't involved in the trucking industry don't realize, and that's how important truckers are to our economy. Tractor trailers ship goods from one place to another. Without truckers, goods and products wouldn't be distributed. If products aren't distributed, the market would crash and our economy would fail to function. Truck driving jobs are crucial to our society!

Truck Drivers Have Unmatched Freedom

And finally, the most common answer:  freedom. There's nothing quite like being out on your own with a job that takes you all over the country. Where else can you find a career where you can make your own decisions and in many ways are your own boss? 

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