Grads’ Favorite CDL Training Experiences

Truck driver training is about more than just earning your CDL. It's about meeting people and bettering yourself. We asked fans of the Driver Solutions Facebook page what their favorite parts of truck driver training were. Here are some of their responses.

Creating Lasting Friendships

It's no secret that the main reason you're at truck driving school is to learn, but that doesn't mean that you can't form friendships in the process! Dex Jones says his favorite part of CDL training was meeting all kinds of people with different stories and backgrounds. It's easy for students to make friends at school because everyone there has the same goal -- to begin a new truck driving job. This means everyone has something to talk about with others. Maybe you'll even make a good friend in the process and decide that you want to drive together as a team!

Completing Your CDL Training

As you can imagine, passing and completing truck driver training is one of the most rewarding parts of the entire experience. After all, it's what you came to do! After being in school for about a month learning everything there is to know about the truck driving industry, finally finishing the program and earning your CDL is a big accomplishment and a big relief! School may have been difficult and stressful, but now you can be on your way to driving with your trainer and beginning your new job.

Driving With Your Trainer

After you graduate and get your CDL, the next adventure that awaits you is actually getting to drive with your trainer. Janet and Stacy thought this was the best part of their truck driver training experience; they both had good trainers that made it all the more enjoyable. A good trainer is someone who you can have fun with, but that isn't afraid to correct you when you make a mistake. When you get assigned to a trainer, you can begin seeing the country. That's why many people decide to pursue a truck driving job in the first place! Pair this with the excitement of beginning a new career, and driving with your trainer can be a very rewarding experience.

Remember that your primary reason for being at CDL training is to learn, but that's not to say that you can't have a fun experience at the same time. Many people find their truck driver training enjoyable because they were able to learn about the industry while forming lasting friendships and having fun with their driver trainers. For many students, that's what makes the entire learning experience so rewarding.

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