Enrollment Is Up At Trucking Schools

Today, we ran across another article about enrollment being up at truck driver training schools.  This particular article told the story of Michael Brock.

Michael had been working construction jobs for nearly 2 decades before growing tired of being laid off.  With construction being such an "up and down" industry when times get tough, Michael turned to truck driving to find something stable. trucking-school

This is a very common situation that we hear all the time at Driver Solutions.  Those working in an industry that lacks stability are noticing that the trucking industry is picking up.  The reason for this can be summarized in the below paragraph.

"During the recession, companies had to cut the work force, so now that freight volumes are picking back up they don't have the work force to accommodate the demand," said Brandon Borgna, spokesman for the American Trucking Association in Arlington, Va. "A lot of drivers are older. There isn't that younger generation stepping in."

The article is right on in saying that filling these jobs is not any easier for trucking companies.  With new federal rules and the Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA 2010), companies and drivers with poor safety records could be in trouble.  This further promotes the idea of attending CDL training to get the proper qualifications before pursuing a trucking job. 

If you are in a similar situation to Michael, completing our online driver application is the first step to get into trucking school while enrollment is up.  Now is a great time to enter the industry and we can help you get the great CDL training that can qualify you to work for a reputable trucking company.  

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